Independent specialists

The Media Training Professionals is part of a network of accredited Media Skills™ Trainers. Unlike many other trainers, we do not offer PR services so that means we can work with your public relations people without any conflicts of interest.

Real-world experience

As a former journalist, Kirstine understands exactly how the media works and how you can make it work for you.

As a participant, you can practise real-life scenarios with a real journalist, who can provide a realistic experience in a safe environment. All our journalists sign confidentiality agreements before working with us.

Trained in adult education

Kirstine is a qualified trainer and understands how adults learn best, how to adapt to your learning style and move at your pace, and how to make it stick. That's why our clients keep telling us our workshops are practical, memorable, life-changing experiences.


Our tools and techniques are practical, logical and easy to use. We show you how easy it can be to produce a quotable quote or to control the direction of an interview.

Practice, practice, practice

Practice makes perfect, as they say, and at least 50% of your time in our sessions is spent practising new skills or honing existing ones.

Industry insight

Research is a major part of our preparation for training sessions. The amount of time Kirstine spends on getting to know your business and the specific and big-picture issues affecting you and your industry sets The Media Training Professionals apart from other media training organisations.

  • “ A very useful, easy guide to the media, with a helpful practical approach to developing skills. "
    Scott Nash, (former) Randwick City Council Mayor
  • " Really excellent, clear toolkit for preparing interviews and areas to work on. "
    Geoff Stodart, Human Resources and Operational Health and Safety Manager, Scenic World Blue Mountains