Here is an outline of the workshops and programs we offer for spokespeople or those taking the first step to becoming one.

We also design professional development sessions for communication and media specialists who support key spokespeople.

But please note that these are a guide only since we tailor all sessions to your needs.

mOverview: Key elements and easy-to-remember formulas for managing media interviews, including when the going gets tough.

mOverview: A refresher or advanced small-group workshop to improve or enhance existing skills.

mOverview: Highly customised and individualised sessions for honing performance, preparing for specific events or announcements, or working on specific skills. Plenty of focused practice and feedback.

mOverview: An introductory workshop to raise awareness of how to work with the media, what journalists need and the basics of a strong message.

mOverview: Individual over-the-phone or face-to-face coaching as a refresher session or a dress rehearsal for an interview.

mOverview: A chance to review, update and enhance existing techniques and to build on everyday skills for managing various media situations. These sessions offer the chance to role play scenarios and put yourself in the shoes of your spokespeople.

  • " Challenged me to THINK before the interview about the key message – preparation is critical. "
    Gary Niedorfer Acting SA Regional Director, Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • " While I came in with a level of resistance to the training session, Kirstine was excellent and workshop felt safe to test skills. "
    Maria Katakis, Principal Project Officer, Out of Home Care, NSW Department of Family and Community Services
  • " Bought to life the theory through the interview sessions and review. "
    Rachael Williams, Commercial Category Manager, Hewlett Packard