Each of these workshops have a unique focus however as with all Media Skills™ Training, the focus is strategic; using the right words, delivering them in the right way to create the desired outcome.

pOverview: Designed to review, update and advance presentation skills and to develop a more powerful communication style. Participants use a prepared presentation topic or scenario in the session and take away DVD recordings of their practice presentations.

pOverview: A facilitated workshop aimed at drawing out powerful key messages, quotes and grabs for the media and other audiences or stakeholders.

pOverview: These sessions can focus on the basics for less experienced on-screen performers, or they can improve the skills of more experienced television spokespeople.

  • " Excellent insights, tailored feedback to my needs in a comfortable environment. "
    Kirsty Shaw, Director, Strategy & Operations, Fairfax Digital
  • " Great to do a practical training course. I was very nervous but was put at ease and learnt a lot from the sessions. "
    Jayne Andrews, RSVP Marketing Director